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Serious injuries from falls related to dizziness, vertigo, disequilibrium and balance disorders have become a national problem. Our nation’s population is aging and along with aging we encounter balance problems. As part of our mission, we will attempt to make the general public aware of the national problem relating to complaints of dizziness and fear of falling.

Not only is it important to educate those who have a higher potential to fall, it is even more important to be able to effectively treat them so they can get back to their lives again.


Being “afraid of falling” is an “affliction” which serves to restrict ones activities of daily living and general happiness. Being “afraid of falling” keeps people home bound creating an overall deterioration of one’s general health, strength, endurance, and abilities to move about safely.

Dizziness and fear of falling takes away one’s self confidence and personal independence.

Now there is help! We can now work together to properly diagnose your individual problem and provide a specialized balance and vestibular rehabilitation program.

What is “Vestibular Rehabilitation”? Specially trained physical therapists in our center are now available to provide individualized rehabilitation programs which directly target the deficits which your physician has diagnosed. The rehabilitation program, directly supervised by our physical therapy specialist, helps to retrain your vestibular system and brain.

Our Rehabilitation Testing and Treatment System provides a physical performance test which is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical technology that provides an objective assessment of a patient’s balance disorder by utilizing force plate technology and normative data. Because it provides an objective measurement of the patient’s progress, it can also be used to determine the effectiveness of treatments for balance disorders in your treatment. This assists the practitioner in determining an appropriate treatment plan for rehabilitation.

SRT is then utilized as one of the tools for rehabilitating individual patients. The patient can be run through a battery of individualized treatment programs designed specifically for each individual’s deficits which were found during the testing.

If you or a loved one has difficulty in walking due to a balance issue, get tested and let us determine why. With the proper rehabilitation program you can be back on your feet again.