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B-200 Computerized Excercise Equipment

B200 Physical TherapyOur advanced spinal rehabilitation program consists of using the B-200 equipment. This is a computerized low back rehabilitation machine that has two purposes. The first it evaluates your current low back condition in strength and ease of movement. Once we discover where your limitations are we then use the B-200 for rehabilitation.

The B-200 offers many advantages. Most importantly the B-200 is safe for injured patients or ones just finishing their decompression care because it is a passive machine. When the patient strops moving the B-200 stops also. You are never asked to support a heavy weight stack.

We are provided with a computerized report so we can measure your results on the B-200. We know when you re getting better and we also know when you are not. Our programs are based on quantitative data so you will see your progress right before your eyes.

The B-200 is a triaxial goniometer which is another way of saying a machine that moves in three directions and is capable of measuring low back function. Dr Goldfarb has been using this machine since 1990 and has found it to be essential in evaluating and strengthening the low back.

B200 Physical Therapy 2Rehabilitation with the B-200 offers our patients many advantages. Most importantly, the B-200 is safe for injured patients and those just completing their decompression program. The machine uses passive resistance, whenever the patient stops moving, the B-200 stops moving. Never are you asked to support a heavy stack of weights.

The program consists of a pretest where your low back is evaluated in the following parameters: acceleration, range of motion, velocity, and torques. These parameters allow Dr Goldfarb to understand the weakness that exists in your back muscles and will allow him to program the computer for the rehabilitation sessions.

The beauty of the B-200 is that it exercises the small muscles around your spine that have been dormant during your injury state. These muscles are important for spinal movement and if not integrated properly will not allow for normal low back function.

We have found that using the B-200 after non-surgical spinal decompression significantly changes patient outcomes.

The rehabilitation sessions are automated as the computer sets the resistances, monitors exercise times and gives standardized rest periods. The rehabilitation program also gives feedback on the computer screen during the exercise program.

The B-200 testing program and rehabilitation sessions is performed by Morgan Hock, our Physical Therapist. It takes about 30 minutes for the testing and about 12 minutes for each rehab session. When you have completed the prescribed rehab sessions a follow-up test is performed.